HAPPY WELCOMESGIVING! Last week, at this same time, we celebrated Thanksgiving, where we give thanks for all of the bountifulness that is America. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, but to be honest, we have it REALLY GOOD! More importantly than giving thanks, however, is the day after… Black Friday. Everyone loves Black Friday, because they get to save a TON OF MONEY on all the goodies that they have coveted the entire year. More than likely, you have partaken in this same thing. We celebrate the deals, and get very excited about it! And then there is Cyber Monday now, which extends this shopping frenzy from Thursday evening to Monday night! It’s great for everyone!... …well, except for those of us that have to work it. The people that are helping customers, ringing people up, delivering product, and basically working while everyone else is out there having a grand ‘ole time running around and spending money to work off the immense calories they have devoured over the last week. So, for those of us that are customer-facing, are showing great appreciation for the customers that come in and helping people spend their hard-earned money… I offer a new holiday: Welcomesgiving! Where we in the stores and in restaurants get to actually, and finally, take a break and get to look back at the last week of craziness and quietly say “Your Welcome” to everyone we helped. But you can’t have a holiday without a tradition, so here is what I am going to suggest: Welcomesgiving can be celebrated alone or with a couple of friends. Go to your favorite local coffee shop and order the most opulent holiday coffee drink (or whatever if you do not drink coffee) and reminisce about one of your interactions over the last 7 days where you really made a difference in a customer’s life. You said something or did something, went above and beyond, and share it with the people you are with or write it down (the comments are a good place to do that) and just savor the feeling of being able to say “Your Welcome” and feel good about it. Thank you for doing what you do to make the shopping experience so good for your customers. You deserve to savor those moments. And hopefully you were able to take advantage of the sales as well!
Quick Note: I will be starting my first series of sales classes on November 8th. If you like these sales tips, it's worth checking out the class! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/next-level-selling-workshop-series-thursday-class-east-portland-tickets-51713034077 The most frustrating thing in the world is when a customer or client comes into your place of business or sits down to hear your presentation and then wastes your time by leaving without buying or deciding not to work with you. Such a waste of time! You might as well have just stayed in bed, am I right?!? Sales is not a science. Sales is an art. You are a sales artist. Science is based on creating the same results with the same process over and over. It has to be repeatable, because that is the only way that a hypothesis becomes fact. Sales is in no way repeatable. You cannot use the same process over and over in the exact same way (although it is always good to start with a process). Customers and clients are individuals and react however they are going to react. It is our job to learn from these interactions and get better at recognizing when things are going well and when things are going south on us. It requires practice. So we practice the art of sales. When a customer decides not to go with our solution, we have not wasted our time; we have an opportunity to look at that as practice and learn from it, honing our skills and getting better. However, if you start to notice you are practicing a lot… it might be time to practice without actual customers. Practicing with customers is the most expensive way to learn how to sell… and rarely does anyone want to pay full price to be practiced on. So, if you notice you are practicing often, start role playing, attend a sales class, read a book on interactions, attend a sales class… you get the picture… start practicing with people other than your paying customers!