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Hi! I am Erika Laws, Sales Coach, among other things. I began my sales career as a candy bar seller for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation in the third grade. As an outgoing child, sales of candy bars was right up my alley. And I caught the sales bug.

Over the last 20-ish years, my sales technique has become a bit more refined. I have moved on from the outgoing-and-loud technique of sales to being others focused, aligning positivity and integrity with sales.  Experience and training in every facet of consulting, sales and management have left me believing that sales is about getting the right fit for all involved – the customer, the company, and the salesperson.

I shine in helping people learn and improve their overall sales process with personalized one-on-one coaching. I enjoy helping my clients find their strengths while encouraging them to chase new skills and find the motivation to overcome hurdles.

In my other life, I enjoy spending time with my husband, 21-year-old son, family, and friends. I also run a networking and personal development group called Impactful People NW. I love helping people improve their lives. If you only live once, why not live the life you love!

Stuart Rice

Sales Strategist

Stuart Rice has 24 years of experience in sales, purchasing and management focusing on strategic growth. In his career, Stuart has helped companies multiply sales by revamping their current strategies and introducing new concepts that increased customer traffic and created new experiences for customers and salespeople alike.

Training is his passion and Stuart looks to use his experience and ability to communicate to share his knowledge, ability to critically think through problems, and use real-world scenarios to develop processes and strategies that can promote growth with individuals and institutions alike.


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