$250 / Person

Join us for group sales training classes. In our workshop series, you will learn the foundation for a successful sales process. Varying levels of experience will help give you different viewpoints on sales and provide an excellent environment to practice and perfect your process through role-plays, exercises, and worksheets.
CLASS 1 – Preparation 101
Learn how to prepare for a sales call. We will discuss image and message; learn the essential items you need to focus on before a sale and get insights into where and how to prospect.
CLASS 2 – Rapport & Communication
Learn effective ways to communicate with active listening, mirroring, and confidence.
CLASS 3 – Value-Based Questioning
Learn how and when to ask appropriate questions and how to overcome objections.
CLASS 4 – Asking for the Commitment
Practice product presentations and learn when it is appropriate to ask for a sale. Find out how to refer and why you should.
CLASS 5 – Developing a Customer for Life
We will talk about excellent after sale practices, how to follow up appropriately, ask for reviews and referrals.


$299 / Person

Effective Leadership is imperative for the sustainable growth of a company. Managers are there to mentor, coach, and hold their reports accountable. They are also responsible for understanding and effectively delivering the companies expectations and goals. Often times they are the messenger, innovator, counselor, enforcer, friend, and policy creator. There are specific skill sets that are needed in order to be successful in all of these areas. 

Most companies look to those who are successful in their current positions to rise to the next level, however there are very different skills that make a leader an effective people manager. Small Business owners have this same challenge when their company starts to grow. They either need to promote from within, or they assume the role of manager, most without any actual management experience.  In this 5 part workshop we will address the skill sets that will bridge the gap and ultimately take the leader to the next level, effective manager. 

CLASS 1 – Company Expectations

We will discuss what the expectations of the company are, what the difference is between will and skill, policies, processes, performance expectations, and procedures. 

CLASS 2 – Accountability

What are the goals of the company? Incentives, bonus structure, disciplinary action will be the focus. 

CLASS 3 – Effective Communication

Agendas and frequency for one on ones, conflict resolution, team building and message delivery. 

Win, win, win leadership mindset will be covered. 

CLASS 4 – Boundaries

What are healthy boundaries for Managers? Appropriate time management, professionalism, and subject matter will be discussed.

CLASS 5 – Putting it all together

Assessments and role plays to determine understanding. Easy to remember management overview L.E.A.D will be delivered.


Erika took the time with our team to point us in the right direction in regards to our marketing and sales strategies. I have been in my industry for 5 years now and her ability to open my eyes to new avenues that I haven’t explored was truly refreshing and greatly appreciated!

Life Force Chiropractic


Entrepreneur $1,500-$2,500

Small Business $10,000 and Up

Is your business ready to go to the next level? Bring in an expert. In these sessions, we will work to create compelling sales tactics and how to customize your business’s long-term goals. Develop key performance indicators, forecasting, onboarding, commissioning, performance accountability, sales process, and successful prospecting strategies. Industry research, shadow sessions, secret shopping, in-house sales process development, and training are available. Select your trusted partners for social media, the web, marketing strategy, financial analysis, video, branding and image, and networking.


Erika brings so much fun to “sales”. She’s all about the relationships that support the sale. Erika can help you create a different mindset which will take you to your next level and then the next. She is Impactful and delivers those sales solutions every time.

– Dawn Hartwell


One-on-one consulting will help develop your personal sales goals and keep you accountable. Prospecting, goal setting, time blocking, scenario-based role-plays, leadership training, personal development, and positive focus, will be the goal in these private sessions.

$250 / hour


Erika classes gave me a wealth of knowledge, I improved how to communicate with my clients it also helped me get out in meetings with people and clarfying my purpose of my business. I encourage you to attend the 5 week “Impactful Sales Solution” class

– Leticia Nelson


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